Action Alert #71 Congress, Our Survey, Facebook

Congress, Our Survey, Facebook Needed Action: Encourage supportive Republican Senators and follow Facebook posts Visiting Washington, D.C.: Several members of the Committee for Social Security Fairness were with the California Retired Teachers Association as they visited their 53 Members of Congress last month. They were able to spend time with Adam Schiff who co-sponsored the introduction […] Read more »

Action Alert #70 – Surveys Coming in and a Link to the White House

SURVEYS AND A LINK TO THE WHITE HOUSE Please, everyone, take the survey! WE WANT AS MANY ANSWERS AS POSSIBLE BY FRIDAY! Click on the “Take our survey here” link on the right hand side of our home page: We are closing in on 1400 surveys completed from 49 states, but we have more […] Read more »

Action Alert #67 – We Need a Senate Bill! We Have a New Survey!

1. Rodney Davis (R-IL) and Adam Schiff (D-CA) have introduced the Social Security Fairness Act of 2015, and there are already 73 co-sponsors. Click here to see if your House Member has signed on, then call and thank them if they are on the list, and if they are not, ask them why not! H.R.973 – Social Security […] Read more »

Alert #66 – New Congress, New Bill, Time for Action!

The House of Representatives and the Senate are starting on the two-year “114th Congress,” and new bills are being proposed.  There are calls from all quarters saying that this is the year that something must be done for the solvency of Social Security.  Some calls are suggesting cuts to benefits, others are demanding that benefits […] Read more »

Action Alert #62 – AARP is Asking for Input by July 31st!

AARP is currently neutral on whether the GPO and WEP should be repealed. We believe that the statements from SSFairness over the past couple of years have encouraged their move to neutral (no position) regarding GPO/WEP from the previous one actually opposing repeal. They listened to the stories of the real effects of the offsets […] Read more »

Action Alert #61 – It’s Recess! Reach Out to Your Members of Congress at Home

Congress is on recess for the next couple of weeks.  If you haven’t mentioned the GPO/WEP to your representative or senators in the last two months, it is time for them to hear from you again! To avoid being buried in the pile of comments about Social Security, you might label it a women’s issue, […] Read more »

Action Alert # 60 Respond with Tough Language to Donation Requests!

As the midterm election season warms up, many of us are being hit by requests for donations to political campaigns. Some of our members sent in the suggestion that we demand that they respond to our issue before we send them any more money. Here are sample responses: (1) “I will contribute financially when I […] Read more »

Action Alert #59 Important Strategic Action Needed

Important, Strategic Action Needed       You can help now! Social Security support groups are beginning to align their messages toward making the Social Security system stronger and fairer.  Right now is a perfect time to tell these groups that in order to make the system fair to all, the Government Pension Offset (GPO) […] Read more »